Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"The Sketch of Mujo (無常素描)" screening this sunday in NYC

There's a documentary film screening this sunday in New York, that shows post-disaster japan. it seems pretty poetic and anyone can watch it and appreciate it -- and see what's it like out there now, too.

SKETCHES OF MUJO (Mujo Sobyo-無常素描) by Koichi Omiya
@ SVA Theater, Sunday, October 23 · 8:00pm - 9:30pm with Q&A with the director to follow.

It's free with rsvp at SVA theater.

After the earth shook and the tsunami swept, what remains?
One month has passed since the The Great East Japan earthquake.
Gray landscapes of rubble and ruin stream past the car window?

A cineaste is driving to the stricken area with a doctor who came from Amagasaki. They meet with people there who calmly tell their tales. The camera and the microphone capture sketches of the landscape and the voices, here and there throughout the vast vista. The director is Koichi Omiya, who won the top prize of the Cultural Documentary Award from the Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2010 for his film "Tadaima ~ Sorezore no Ibasho" (TADAIMA ~I'm home, a place for everyone).

The Sketch of Mujo is the first documentary film to be filmed and shown about the effects of the devastating earthquake and tsunami. The picture never identifies the locations or people, never reduces what happened to dry statistics. It simply projects onto the silver screen the aftermath of the unprecedented event, and showed the lives that go on. What does “reconstruction” mean? Where are we headed? Many questions arise in the darkness of the theater.

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