Monday, April 11, 2011

No Nuke Protests in Japan

Japan is facing a serious nuke problem right now. Shamefully I don't see any effort of the administration, Tepco (energy company) and media to make the situation better at all. Things are getting worse everyday... It seems like they are concealing many things... sadly it is making many people in Japan blind from the truth and awareness to the situation they are in at this moment; however, people have started to stand for their country and their future!! Unfortunately the efforts of my people have not made it to mass media outlets much. There are several “No Nuke” protests happening in Japan right now!
I personally think all the nuclear power plants should be stopped in Japan, even temporally at least.. It is just too dangerous to keep them running in Japan since they are still getting many aftershocks daily and it is very obvious that they cannot be promised safety. To add, we don't even know how much damage we are getting from the Fukushima plants' incident... Japan will definitely face too many difficult consequences of this mess for a long time; such as, environmentally, politically, economically, from all the different levels and most importantly people's health...
It is the time for every single one of us to pay more attention to what we are facing. We need to stand up together! With our help, support, and unity, Japan will rise again!!

Front of TEPCO headquarter, Tokyo (4/8/2011) Much Respect Deli !!

Shiba-kouen, Tokyo (4/10/2011)

Kouenji, Tokyo (4/10/2011)

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